Lyle Saxon was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on September 4th, 1891.  He was a journalist and author of both fiction and nonfiction primarily related to historical Louisiana and the New Orleans area.  Some of his titles include:  “A Journey Through Mardi Gras”, “Fabulous New Orleans”, “Old Louisiana”, “Lafitte the Pirate”, and two of my favorites “Children of Strangers” and “Gumbo Ya-Ya”.

In my previous post you were able to view the letters and information relating to his patron Cammie Henry, that I found enclosed in a first edition of Mr. Saxon’s entitled “Old Louisiana”, pictured below with some of his other titles.  In this post I’ve uploaded the letter from Mr. Saxon on his “Melrose” letterhead to Mrs. McCook of Natchitoches, Louisiana, that was also found in the book.  The book originally belonged to Mrs. McCook and I’m so glad she choose to place the letters inside so I could find this gem of a time capsule so many years later.

Mrs. Cammie invited artists and writers to stay as long as they liked, free of charge at her plantation home, Melrose. The only stipulation was that they were to be working on some sort of creative project during their stay.  Mr. Saxon was a frequent visitor.  The photo above shows Mr. Saxon in front of his cabin at Melrose.

More information on Lyle Saxon, Mrs. Cammie and Melrose can be found at the links below